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A turtle, an anole, and a sick tree frog

“We have had a female gray tree frog for over a year now. Within the last couple months it has developed a growth at the back right hind leg. Could you give us some incite as to what this may be. the tank is at 80 degrees and we have

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What to do about a turtle that is a picky eater?

“A while back I had emailed you on a couple of red eared sliders I have that weren’t eating. They have grown some and I am pleased with their progress up to now. The problem is the first one seems to be bored with the green sticks they sell for

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What is wrong with my turtle’s flaky shell?

“Man these turtles are work! Ok I have a question. I have one of the turtles developing a flaking around the shell that won’t go away. My wife says it looks like it’s a whitish flaky look around the outside of the shell. I thought maybe they are basking too

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Baby Turtles

Two baby red-eared sliders on a hand

Baby turtles are about as cute as it gets, but they can also be difficult to keep because they require special lighting, food and housing. They also grow quickly and live for decades when provided with the right care.

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Box Turtles

Male ornate box turtle close up

Box turtles are long-lived pets that are more challenging to care for than often assumed because they have particular diet, temperature, and lighting requirements. When provided with the correct captive conditions though they are hardy and fun to keep.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Taking care of a reptile or amphibian can seem difficult or overwhelming and information about what to do in specific situations often isn’t covered in the average care sheet or book. What follows is a selection of emails I have received over the years. I have grouped these questions into

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Herp Articles

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The Mixed Species Dilemma

A large mixed species terrarium; Biotope Costa Rica

Zoological institutions often recreate naturally occurring communities of reptiles and amphibians in large elaborate exhibits. Can a private hobbyist accomplish the same thing at home?

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