This website began as a way to share writing about the reptiles and amphibians I kept at home with the world. For a time, the site also served as a venue to sell surplus captive-bred stock from my amphibian and reptile collection. My interests eventually outgrew the confines of the terrarium and I began travelling to the places the species I kept in captivity naturally occur, where I now observe, photograph, and study them in the field.

Today Amphibian Care serves as a base camp for both sides of this journey, from the “frog room” that started it all, to the rain forests, swamps, and mountain ranges I have been fortunate to call home more recently.

Madagascar Tour January 2019

Join us January 2019 on a 10 day discovery tour of Madagascar. We will visit some of the island’s best national parks as well as lesser known community-run nature reserves. Lemurs, chameleons, and an amazing diversity of frogs are guaranteed to be seen! Contact Rainforest Adventure Tours for more information or to reserve your spot.

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