Amphibian Care was born in the wee days of the internet as a way for a Midwestern teenager to tell the world about his unusual collection of exotic frogs and toads. In 2002 I moved to www.amphibiancare.com and began writing articles about the captive care of the species of amphibians I kept at home. Soon the site served as a venue to sell captive-bred offspring resulting from a private collection of hundreds of amphibians and reptiles. In time, my interests outgrew the confines of the terrarium and I began travelling to the places the species I kept in captivity naturally occur—observing, photographing, and studying them in the field. Today Amphibian Care serves as a base camp for both sides of this journey, from the “frog room” that started it all, to the rain forests, swamps, and mountain ranges I have been fortunate to call home more recently.


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