The Last Rabb’s Tree Frog Dies

Rabb's Tree Frog

The last Rabb’s tree frog died recently at Zoo Atlanta. It was the last of its species. Known only from forest around El Valle, Panama, the frog lived high in the canopy and bred in tree holes. In 2005, with the infectious chytrid fungus looming and nearby forest being cleared

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Colombian Frog Smuggling


It is the dirty little secrete of the poison dart frog hobby—the origin of some of the most prized and in demand species are linked to illegal activity that harms wild frog populations. The Colombian NGO ProAves, which focuses on bird conservation and habitat protection, has been the most recent to receive

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Reed Frogs in March/April Reptiles Magazine


This month’s Reptiles magazine features my article “Small Frogs, Big Appeal. Care and breeding of Africa’s colorful reed frogs.” They are some of my favorite frogs to keep and write about. You can download a digital version of the article, or just have a look next time to pass by the pet store.

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Salamander and Newt Trade Ban

Emperor Newts

U.S. Fish and Wildlife has issued a provisional ban on the trade of 201 species* of salamanders and newts to help control the spread of the infectious disease Batrachochytrium salamandrivolans, otherwise known as Bsal. This newly discovered chytrid fungus has devastated wild populations of fire salamanders in Europe and has been

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New Mantella article in Salamandra

Mantella aurantiaca eating fruit flies

I am pleased to share results this month from Mitsinjo’s long-running conservation breeding program for the Critically Endangered frog Mantella aurantiaca. Initially established to safeguard a population against extinction in face of mining activities, over a two year period we collected important data on the species captive care requirements and reproductive activities.

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