Can I keep fire-bellied toads and fire-bellied newts together?

“Hello. I have read your article on mixing species. It was very informative. I have tried to research about keeping fire bellied newts and fire bellied frogs. It seems that the both species live in similar habitats and diet. I think they are also from the same region. But due to there toxins, do you think that would be a problem? have you read or heard about any success  stories about having them paired in a tank? Thanks

It is fairly common to see both fire-bellied toads and fire-bellied newts kept together, especially at pet stores, but I would not recommend it. The largest problem is not necessarily the toxicity of both species, but that the toads are particularly voracious predators and often they eat or attempt to eat the newts. If that doesn’t happen, the newts often die from being kept at temperatures warmer than they prefer. Fire-bellied newts are sensitive to the warmer conditions that many people keep their toads at.

For more information about keeping newts and fire-bellied toads together see If you scroll down a little ways there is a section that reads “Newts with Frogs.”

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