Can I let my tree frogs feed on demand with free roaming crickets?

I am a homeschool mom of 4 frog loving children.  I have purchased tree frogs from Petco, and the employees had no idea about them – last feed, age, etc.

So,  I have 2 green tree frogs and have no clue which feeding schedule to follow since they are different sized.  I was told that my terrarium setup was perfect to house crickets for feed on demand.  But I see nothing about feed on demand on your page. It is on the leaflet from pet shops.

Can I do feed on demand or should we raise/keep crickets too?  I have spent my entire life trying to get RID of bugs and I just really have a tough time with going to a pet shop and buying bugs. My terrarium is almost self-sufficient, requiring little spraying – it has live plants and potting soil, with a small water dish.  I also wash off some branches from my front bush, cut to fit diagonally and place in terrarium.  The frogs LOVE this bush!  Crickets survived almost a week – till they were all eaten.

Anyways, thank you for the wonderful information.  Any extra info you have for a house of kids would be wonderful.

It’s great to hear that you’re incorporating frogs into your teaching. I know I’ve learned quite a bit from keeping frogs, and bringing them into the home should be a great opportunity for your children.

There are two problems with keeping extra crickets in the cage along with amphibians. The first is that the calcium and vitamin supplement that is coated on feeder insects prior to offering them will only stick for a short time, so crickets that have been roaming the cage for a few days may not meet nutritional requirements.

The second problem is that crickets are actually capable of harming frogs. Hungry crickets may nibble on an already full frog, causing small wounds that can lead to infections or other health problems.

The best bet is to keep the crickets in a separate cage and feed a few per frog every couple days at night so that they are eaten right away and the supplements do not have time to be groomed off by the insects. Alternatively, if you live near a pet store you could go to the store to buy crickets a couple times a week as needed.

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