Do you want my fire-bellied toads? If not, is okay to release them in the wild?

Hello. I have 2 fire bellied toads my daughter does not want. They are both approximately 1 year old. Would you like them or do you know of anyone. She would like to release them to the wild, Silverado Canyon in California.

If you have an amphibian pet you can no longer care for, do not release it in the wild.

Instead, contact a local reptile rescue or animal sanctuary. Sometimes pet stores will even take in unwanted amphibians.

Releasing the toads in the wild in California could introduce a foreign disease to native populations, or just as worse perhaps introduce exotic toads to the environment. There are a number of amphibian species introduced into California that are not native (for instance bullfrogs and African clawed frogs) and they are causing major problems for other aquatic wildlife.

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