My frog has a wound on it. Is there an ointment or medicine I can use?

“Hello, I have had a white’s treefrog for about 6 months now and he is very healthy, but the other day he scraped a chunk of skin off above his eye.  It is not a large wound, but I was wondering if the is an amphibian equivalent of neosporin or any ointment that I should put on it or should I let it heal at its own pace?”

Disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian and you should consult someone trained in animal medicine before using any medication with your pet.

In fact, Neosporin can be used with amphibians. The types with the pain reliever or other additives in it may harm amphibians, so choose the one you use carefully. The basic Neosporin is suitable for use with amphibians and can be dabbed onto open wounds with a cotton swab to help prevent infection.

If the wound looks like it is healing well on its own though I would skip it. If you notice a new wound or scrape, first find out what the wound was caused by (the screen cover? A new cage item? A sharp rock?) and adjust the enclosure so the injury cannot happen again.

If the frog is kept with others isolate the frog to a new enclosure on its own.

Then monitor it carefully. If the wound appears to begin healing after a day wait until it is fully closed and healed over to introduce the frog back to the rest. If however the wound does not look as though it is healing you may consider using Neosporin to help.

Lastly, contact a veterinarian if your pet is having a medical problem. They can diagnose health issues and prescribe medications that may be needed and better than a simple triple antibiotic ointment.

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