Why is my tree frog sleeping on the ground?

“Good morning,

First I would like to say thank you! Your web site is wonderful, and I am sure helps a huge number of store bought as well as captured animals lead much happier, healthier lives!! I have owned several reptiles and amphibians in my life, and have recently purchased a new addition. “She” is a baby White’s tree frog. Activity and appetite are good, overall appearance is good as well. However she sleeps on the floor of her enclosure. The habitat has three different types of wood and various vines that crisscross the top portion and loop down to floor level, and she still insists on sleeping burrowed into the dirt.

It has always been my understanding that a tree frog that slept on the ground was not well, but she is exhibiting no signs of illness! Is my former information incorrect? Is it perhaps just a personality thing that makes this little frog prefer sleeping in the substrate? Help. I am worried!”

Thanks. I’m happy to hear you have found the website useful.

If the frog appears healthy otherwise, there is probably nothing to worry about.

Sometimes if the humidity level in the enclosure is too low or the temperature not how the frog wants they may spend time in strange places. I would double check the temperature to make sure it is warm enough (or that if you use a heat source it is not located under the terrarium, like a heat pad) and consider increasing the humidity to see if this changes the behavior.

If everything else appears normal then I would not worry about it. Perhaps you just have a strange tree frog!

Good luck.

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