Why isn’t my salamander eating? Is it shedding its skin?

” We have a Tiger Salamander. You have no information about shedding their skin on your site and I wondered if the reason our salamander is not eating is because of this? We also have had a gecko which when he sheds he completely loses his appetite also.

Our salamander has not eaten for 4 days now and has been shedding in this period. I have offered crickets but he does not seem interested at all, I hope he will regain his appetite, please let us know if you have any information on this, thank you.


Unlike many reptiles, you may not notice when a salamander or newt sheds its skin. They can do this frequently, especially when young and growing. It does not take long to complete and generally they shed all in one piece, eating the skin as they go so there is nothing left afterwards.

If you notice peeling or flaking skin, like you would see on a reptile, this is not normal shedding and may be a symptom of disease.

Not Eating

Healthy salamanders can go weeks without food. I often only feed my tiger salamanders once a week, especially during winter months when the room he is kept in is cool.

If your salamander has been fed heavily (for example, daily) then it may not show interest in food. Wait a week and try again.

If the salamander still is not eating I would first check its environment. What is the temperature? Is it too hot or is it kept in a part of the house that is now very cold, like a basement or porch? What food items have you tried offering it? Earth worms and night crawlers are some of the best food items to feed to tiger salamanders, both in terms of nutrition and appetite stimulation.

Lastly, are you sure the salamander is not eating? Sometimes if you add crickets to a cage you may not see the salamander when it eats them. Try counting the crickets you put in the cage and then counting them a few hours later.

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