Amphibian Care

Dwarf Sand Geckos

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Also commonly called dune or micro geckos, dwarf sand geckos are small nocturnal lizards native to northern Africa and the Middle East. So long as you start with healthy individuals they are not difficult to keep, but it can be challenging to locate captive-bred geckos.

Red-eyed Tree Frog

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Red-eyed tree frogs make good pets so long as you purchase well-started captive-bred frogs over an inch in length and provide the right environment. This includes a spacious ventilated enclosure with high humidity and moderate temperatures. Although they have a reputation for being difficult to keep, under the right conditions red-eyed tree frogs are actually quite hardy.

Box Turtles

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Box turtles are long-lived pets that are more challenging to care for than often assumed because they have particular diet, temperature, and lighting requirements. When provided with the correct captive conditions though they are hardy and fun to keep.