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captive care information
  Websites focused on the captive care of amphibians or reptiles
   - Amphibian Information Centre
   - Caudate Culture Salamander and Newt Database
   - - Frog Care Information
   - Global Gecko Association: Care Sheets
   - The Kapok Tree
   - Melissa Kaplan's Herp Care Collection
   - Tortoise Trust: Turtle And Tortoise Care Sheets
   - World Chelonian Trust: Care Sheets

Non-pet related herp websites
  Sites about the natural history, biology, or conservation of amphibians and reptiles
   - AMNH Amphibians of the World
   - Amphibian Ark
   - Amphibiaweb - Searchable Amphibian Database
   - Cal Photos
   - Center For North American Herpetology
   - Costa Rican Amphibian Research Center
   - Frog Watch USA
   - IUCN Red List Amphibian Database
   - Herp Glossary
   - PARC: Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation
   - Tadpoles Of The United States: Identification Key
   - Tree Walkers International

Forums and Discussion Boards
  Online amphibian and reptile communities
   - - Salamander and Newt Forums
   - Dendroboard - Poison Dart Frog Forum
   - Frog Forum
   - Forums

  Websites related to the health of captive amphibians and reptiles
   - Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians
   - Herp Vet Connection
   - Herp Veterinarians
   - How To Tell If Your Reptile Is Sick